What a Dynamic Church Site Should Consist of

Gone are the days when a church website just sat there, doing nothing but look nice. Now, we see all kinds of intelligent interactivity popping up on them; live sermon updates, product recommendations such as Bible videos and podcasts, newsletters that discuss recent happenings within the community, instant search suggestions, and so forth.

These are just some thoughts of what a dynamic worship site should be made up of. It is just as important to publish regular content. What is more, you do not necessarily have to refresh the front page to see the latest updates. They all work using state-of-the-art computer scripting languages and technologies.

Dynamic church sites work in several ways as Sharefaith – church web design has already discovered.
They can be database-driven, meaning the sites pull up information in the form of photos, text, and customer info like the status of an order from a database on the server on the server side (your web host).

Alternatively, site content can change from the client side in that the browser can pull up info from the web and have these changes appear on screen without the end-user having to refresh the page manually. To illustrate – some sites recognizes whether you’ve typed a correct response and instantly fill in the blank accordingly without the user having to hit submit.

Database-driven church sites are way easier to manage as information is stored in a way that won’t involve redoing the entire site manually.

Nate once had to update an online book page for a church company. All the books were assigned a caption and a category. When the minister wanted to change the category of one of their listed books, the original image and caption remained on the site, but the listing changed to a different category and so was displayed on an alternative page. If the site, had not been database-driven, this would have involved a lot of manual effort to correct.

Most web hosts support dynamic church sites. All you need to do is figure out what components you want on your web server and whether the host you select will support these functions. Also, what technology will sit on the server side? What database solution would be used? If you are choosing a dedicated hosting option, what software will run on the server?

Consider Other Options and Programs to Make Your Site Work for You

If you plan to do a lot of sermons or move Bible-based products online, or even want to brand your church, then it makes sense to spend some money up front and take advantage of a website builder software like the one provided by Sharefaith as it can do everything you want for now and years to come.

If you are more a web techie, then some of the more advanced design programs that go beyond just simple content management would be right for you.

Besides, the programs we are talking about not only let you edit your web pages but also assist in adding interactivity to your church site where you can link dynamically updated databases to your site and keep track of how your site is organized and updated. Some of these programs would even transfer your documents to your web host using a single menu option.

Needless to say, by making use of web building software provided by church organizations like Sharefaith, you get to concentrate on the fun part of running your church website. Look up Sharefaith for more free christian website design templates.

Time to Put Your Thinking Hats On and Flip Your Wizzywig

The thing is that web browsers might be multilingual in that they understand foreign sounding languages like HTTP, FTP, and GIF. But, one language they don’t speak is English.

Thanks to modern web page creation tools, you don’t have to master HTML to create web pages. Numerous web page editors do almost all your English-to-HTML transitions for you.

The secret of all these web page builder tools is their WYSIWYG (pronounced whizzy wig) display. What You See is What You Get editors lets you see on-screen how your church pages will look once it’s on the web.

No doubt, software made available for this purpose makes it pretty easy to create a very nice looking and functional church site. You can even drag photos straight into the program and resize them right there.

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